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All drinks available to order up to half an hour before closing

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- Banana (vg)        - White Chocolate

- Coffee (vg)         - Hazelnut (vg)

- Mango (vg)          - Honeycomb (vg)

- Mint (vg)             - Raspberry (vg)

- Salted Carmel    - Strawberry (vg)

- Chocolate (vg)

jersey ice-cream Thickshakes made fresh with up to two flavours. Also available to take away, from £4.00

 Available 'Fully Dressed' or 'Naked'

Additional flavours available

Dairy-Free alternative available

Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolates are made with the finest quality chocolate.
All available to take away, from £3.75

Available 'Fully Dressed' or 'Naked'


- White               - Caramel

- Ruby                 - Milk- Dark


- 54% Dark (vg)  - 32% Milk    

- 70% Dark (vg)

add an extra flavour

- Cinnamon         - Gingerbread

- Hazelnut          - Caramel

- Baileys             - Tia Maria

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A selection of freshly ground coffee made by our talented baristas.
All available to take away, from £2.50 

available decaffeinated

- Americano         - Cappuccino

- Macchiato         - Cortado

- Flat White         - Latte

- Iced Latte          - Mocha

- Espresso            - Affogato

+ Extra Shot            

Dairy-Free alternative available

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Freshly made Teas, perfect with cake.

all available to take away, from £2.75

available decaffenated

- English Breakfast Tea

- Green Tea           

- Earl Grey Tea

- Peppermint Tea   

- Camomile Tea

Dairy-Free alternative available

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cream tea

enjoy a lovely pot of tea, with a fruit scone. accompanied by strawberry jam and clotted cream, from £5.95

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juices &

soft drinks

bottled drinks and cans in a range of flavours

- Orange   

- Raspberry Lemonade

- Water     

- Lemon & Mint Lemonade

- Mango & Apple   

- Elderflower Presse

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